Start A New Flutter Project With Android Studio

I already described how to install flutter on different platforms in article Flutter Installation: A Perfect Guide. Today I am going to explain how you can create flutter project in Android Studio step by step.

Flutter is a user interface toolkit which helps developers to create android and ios apps using dart programming language with single codebase. You can also consider flutter as an alternative to react native framework. You can create flutter app in any supported editor but android studio is very easy to use.

Android Studio is integrated development environment(IDE). It is the best way of creating flutter project. There are many advantages of android studio to use for flutter. Android Studio provides various plugins which support flutter app development. This plugins are only supported with Android Studio 3.6+. You can also edit your flutter code and android code in the same editor. 

Open Android Studio

flutter project

Select Configure/Plugins From Bottom


Search & Install a Dart Plugin

First we need to search dart in search bar. Then we can install dart plugin through enable button.

Again Search & Install a Flutter Plugin

Again we need to search flutter in search bar. Then we can install flutter plugin through enable button. After installing dart and flutter plugins we need to restart android studio to activate changes.

Start a New Flutter Project

flutter project

Select Flutter Application

flutter project

Give Project Name


Add Flutter SDK Path


Set Project Location


Give Package Name


Creating Flutter Project


Flutter Project Android Studio Screen


Run Flutter Project

To Run this project in android studio, You have to follow these steps:

  1. Create android virtual device with avd manager and launch. Otherwise you can also attach a physical android device with usb cable to your computer.
  2. Open the Flutter Device Selection dropdown and select your device
  3. Choose run -> main.dart from toolbar to run this project

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